Indian Outdoor Advertising Association’s commitment and dedication

A nonprofit organization founded to protect and regulate the rights and interests of out of home advertising agencies in India, the Indian Outdoor Advertising Association, or the IOAA, as it is usually called, is comprised of over 80% of the top ooh media owners in India. As an organization, the IOAA wishes to help every advertising company in the country. They work tirelessly on improving all aspects of ooh advertising, so that the industry can flourish and prosper.

The IOAA represents India’s media advertising industry to the Central Government of India as well as the respective state governments. They work with foreign bodies to bring advanced technology and techniques for marketing to the Indian marketing company sphere. Founded in 2007, the IOAA has helped its members evolve at a rapid pace. As an organization, they are vital to protecting the rights of Indian advertising companies as well as helping these companies unleash their full potential.

The director of the IOAA is Mr. Sunil Vasudeva, a man who is very driven and passionate about advancing the Indian ooh advertising world internationally. Sanjeev Gupta, CMD, Global Advertisers, has praised him as a wonderful person and incredibly staunch defender of the rights of the industry. Mr. Vasudeva works steadily to make sure that the industry does well. He ensures that the members of the IOAA are recognized globally as ethical, trustworthy, and efficient.

Alakh Advertising under Neeta Gulati’s leadership

Founded in 1989, Alakh Advertising and Publicity Private Limited is one of the best in the world of Indian advertising agencies. Alakh has great knowledge in out of home advertising, being well known as innovators in the ad agency sphere, with expertise in methods and mechanisms like hoardings, billboards, kiosks, corporate advertising, brand advertising and anything else in the ooh advertising space. With some of the best advertising around, it is no surprise that Alakh is as well known as it is.

The current director of Alakh Advertising and Publicity Private Limited is Ms. Neeta Gulati, an innovative and intelligent person, who has become a role model in the industry for her impressive skillset. Sanjeev Gupta, CMD, Global Advertisers, has praised her as a leader in the marketing agency world who inspires others to work harder every day. Alakh’s team takes their motto of “DELIVER” very seriously, doing their best for every client.

Alakh Advertising and Publicity have run multiple incredible global and regional advertising campaigns for a multitude of companies. They work with multinational corporations as well as domestic giants. Alakh’s team focuses heavily on customer satisfaction, always going above and beyond to ensure their customers get the best. This makes them a favorite amongst their clientele, who are always pleased with the results.


Outdoor Advertising Professionals and Abhijit Sengupta’s success

Outdoor Advertising Professionals Private Limited are well known in the Indian advertising agency world as one of the largest names. They are considered frontrunners in Indian out of home advertising. Constantly bringing forth new innovations, Outdoor Advertising are experts in advertising equipment and techniques such as billboards, hoardings, corporate advertising, brand advertising and much more. They make use of their vast pool of knowledge and out-of-the-box ideas to bring forth the best advertising campaigns.

The CEO of Outdoor Advertising Professionals is Mr. Abhijit Sengupta, a man praised by everyone in the ad agency space for his innovative brilliance. Sanjeev Gupta, CMD, Global Advertisers, has described him as a source of constant inspiration who is always striving to drive the media advertising world above and beyond. Mr. Sengupta is passionate and energetic, working tirelessly with his employees to help them grow. His leadership and constant stream of ideas ensure that his team can always perform their best.

Outdoor Advertising Professionals are incredibly dedicated to their craft, and their clientele reflects this. They boast an extremely loyal and dedicated clientele, who are constantly singing their praises about the team that provides them nothing but the best. This leads to Outdoor having a massive reputation in the industry, which they work relentlessly to uphold.


Quantastic Marketing and the brilliant Anand Ingle

In 2015, Mr. Anand Ingle realized that the out of home advertising space was not looking at the numbers properly. He knew that a good advertising company would show results to their clients through actual numbers. Thus, Quantastic Marketing Private Limited was founded. Although they haven’t been around as long as others in the marketing agency sphere, Quantastic is not to be underestimated. They are experts in ooh advertising, hoardings, billboards, brand advertising, and corporate advertising.

Sanjeev Gupta, MD, Global Advertisers, has praised Mr. Ingle as a pioneer who understands better than most just what the industry is. Mr. Ingle is the fresh breath of air that was needed in the advertising company space. Quantastic’s team works incredibly hard and is led from the front by Mr. Ingle. He makes sure to take care of his employees, knowing that a company is nothing without the people that constitute it.

Quantastic Marketing knows just what their clients need as soon as they see their request. Working day and night to deliver the best results, they prove time and again that they have earned their spot in the upper echelons of the Indian marketing agency space. This is further shown by their loyal clientele, who always return to Quantastic for every advertising need.

The success of Moms Outdoor Media Solutions

With twenty-three years of experience, Moms Outdoor Media Solutions are innovators in the advertising agency sphere. With great expertise in out of home advertising, they employ a variety of old and new gen methods like billboards, hoardings, brand advertising, corporate advertising and more. With multiple awards to their name, they have worked hard to earn the recognition that they have today.

The team at Moms Outdoor Media Solutions has made revolutionary achievements in the ooh advertising sphere, doing mind boggling things such as creating a live hoarding with real people for the Indian Premier League, branding life jackets during Ganesh Chaturthi, and creating a billboard with real books.

The CEO of Moms Outdoor is Mr. Jayesh Yagnik, and he is a large part of why the brand is as big as it is today. Mr. Yagnik began his professional journey at Moms, rising through the ranks of the marketing agency. Sanjeev Gupta, MD, Global Advertisers, has called his journey to the top nothing short of outstanding and has constantly praised Mr. Yagnik’s worth ethic and passion.

Moms Outdoor Media Solutions gives their best to their clients regardless of the size of the brand. Serving massive names from almost every industry, Moms Outdoor still stays incredibly humble, making them a favorite amongst customers.

How Total Display dominates the advertising space

Total Display is an Indian out of home advertising company that has steadily cemented itself as a name known all over India in the advertising agency space. With years of experience in corporate advertising, brand advertising, hoardings, and whatever else their clients may need, Total Display is prepared to always give the best. They boast some of the most renowned clientele in the country, along with a guarantee of quality that very few can match.

Total Display’s dedication to customer satisfaction ensures that their clients always turn to them when they need a marketing agency. Total believes in constant growth and evolution and is continuously coming up with new ways to innovate the industry and produce the best advertising. They refuse to stagnate, and this, along with their vast experience, allows them to keep ahead of the game.

Sanjeev Gupta, CMD, Global Advertisers, has frequently praised Total Display, citing them as a source of inspiration to always put his best foot forward. Total believes in giving their client exactly what is needed, regardless of whether it is something they have done before or not. They do not believe in limiting themselves to just what they are capable of, instead moving out of their comfort zone constantly to innovate new breakthroughs in the media agency world.

Ketan Lakhani’s incredible leadership at Occtagon Media Networks

Founded in 2014, Occtagon Media Networks are fairly young in comparison to some of their competitors in the advertising agency world. However, despite their youth, they are still a force to be reckoned with. Occtagon is incredibly passionate, creative, energetic and full of unique ideas regarding out of home advertising. They have managed to cement themselves as one of the biggest names in Indian ooh advertising despite the fact that they have been an advertising company for a far lesser period of time. They have presence all over India, with hoardings in several strategic locations.

Occtagon’s team is brimming with lively and energetic market experts who know just how to create the perfect advertising campaign. They boast a great deal of expertise in dealing with hoardings, billboards, corporate advertising, brand advertising, and a number of other important aspects of ooh advertising.

Occtagon are led by Mr. Ketan Lakhani, their director. Mr. Lakhani is an extremely creative and energetic individual. Sanjeev Gupta, CMD, Global Advertisers, describes him as someone brimming with boundless energy who can inspire his team to reach new heights daily. Mr. Lakhani ensures that his team always has the tools that they need to deliver the best possible results. Occtagon’s clientele is constantly impressed by their ability to adapt to every situation and create the best advertising for it. This, along with their refreshing takes on what many believe to be already solved solutions, cause them to be a favorite amongst brands all over the country.

Bright Outdoor Media and Mr. Yogesh Lakhani’s success

One of the largest outdoor advertising agencies in India, Bright Outdoor Advertising is famous nationwide. Founded in 1980, this advertising company has over 1,000 hoardings in Mumbai alone. They have an incredible level of expertise in hoardings, billboards, corporate and brand advertising, and every form of out of home advertising solutions. Bright originally started with just one hoarding in Malad, but soon rose to fame as one of the forerunners of the out of home advertising industry in the country.

Mr. Yogesh Lakhani, the chairman and managing director of the company, is an actor and film producer turned business owner. There are multitudes of ooh advertising brands in the world, but even amidst such fierce competition, Mr. Lakhani’s tactical innovation in products and strategic locations ensures that Bright is a cut above the rest. With some of the best advertising amongst the multitude of ad agencies, Bright are experts in corporate advertising and brand advertising.

Sanjeev Gupta, CMD, Global Advertisers, has always said that the founder of Bright is an incredible inspiration whose innovative mind is a blessing to the advertising company sphere. Mr. Lakhani and Bright as an advertising agency are defined by dedication, passion, and quality. Bright boasts a profound understanding of ooh advertising along with market leading technology and a deep know-how of the needs of their clientele. With 40 years of experience, they are rapidly growing in reach, aiming to bring their brand to every corner of the world.

Alakh Advertising rise with Neeta Gulati

Founded in 1989, Alakh Advertising and Publicity Private Limited is a veteran in the Indian advertising agency world. Specializing in out of home advertising, Alakh is a country leader in the marketing agency industry. Whether you need a hoarding, billboard, kiosk, or anything else in the ooh advertising space, Alakh will always deliver. Their name is synonymous with quality service and the best advertising one could ask for. Over the years, Alakh has steadily climbed up to cement itself as a top advertising company in India.

Alakh Advertising and Publicity is led by Ms. Neeta Gulati, their current director. She is a hard-working and driven woman, who works tirelessly every day and has earned great recognition from her competitors and clients alike. Sanjeev Gupta, CMD, Global Advertisers, calls her an inspiration for generations and a role model for every youngster in the advertising agency world. She leads Alakh with an indomitable will and great determination, ensuring that they always live up to their company motto of “DELIVER” no matter the task at hand.

Alakh Advertising and Publicity has successfully executed global and regional campaigns for its massive clientele, from multinational corporations to large domestic names. Their team kicks into action the moment a task is received, offering incredibly innovative ideas and solutions for every advertising need. Their clients are always left satisfied and raving about their work.

Print in India defies global ADEX trends

As usual Print in India surprises global Print barons and defies global ADEX trends. Print is substantially helped in its growth journey by the fact that a lot of SMBs use Print as their only Advertising medium and most Print titles, specially Regional Print get more than 50% of their Advertising revenue from such Advertisers, which are also growing in numbers.

“Print has been estimated as 4% of Global ADEX by Whilst globally WARC, and Print in India reigned with a 21% share. Print ADEX grew last year by 11% to reach a value of Rs. 18,470 crores, almost equalling its pre-covid figure of Rs. 20,045 crores. Whilst in most countries Print is degrowing in absolute terms, not just in share terms, it is credible that in India it is in fact growing and grew last year at a higher rate than TV’s 9% growth. Also H2 performed well for Print and 58% of its ADEX came from H2 vs only 46% in pre-Covid year 2019. Education de-grew marginally, it emerged as the largest category in Print overtaking FMCG, which degrew by as much as 8%. Two other large categories, Clothing, Fashion and Jewellery, and Household Durables grew substantially by over 50%. There is also a recognition among large Advertisers, even from FMCG and definitely HH Durables and 4 and 2 wheelers, that Print is irreplaceable for announcements of New Launches and promotions. Although the recently released ABC circulation numbers show that for most publications, circulation has not reached the Pre Pandemic levels, this fact does not seem to have daunted advertisers from using print any less, since both Volume and Value have gone up by 15% and 11% respectively.” says the report.

“Print in India has been increasing and surprising the global print Barons as print is being used for several years and for various purposes. Print is the main source of advertising. It is used on a large scale globally as well as in India, in the form of billboards, newspapers, hoardings etc. Marketing agencies, Corporate agencies, media agency all of them use print for advertising products, companies, brands so that there is enough publicity and awareness amongst the people. Although with more companies and other agencies taking their marketing efforts online, the old has become new again as print media becomes the new trend. The graph keeps inclining and declining on the basis of the ongoing trend. says Mr. Sanjeev Gupta.

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