Bright Outdoor Advertising under the brilliant Yogesh Lakhani

Bright Outdoor Advertising under the brilliant Yogesh Lakhani

With over forty years of experience, Bright Outdoor Advertising are innovators in the advertising agency sphere. With great expertise in out of home advertising, they employ a variety of old and new gen methods like billboards, hoardings, brand advertising, corporate advertising, and more. With multiple awards to their name, they have worked hard to earn the recognition that they have today.

The team at Bright Outdoor has made revolutionary achievements in the ooh advertising sphere, creating impressive hoardings, and running brilliant ad campaigns.

The CEO of Bright Outdoor is Mr. Yogesh Lakhani, and he is a large part of why the brand is as big as it is today. Mr. Lakhani began his journey in the advertising sphere by founding Bright, nurturing it into the upper echelons of the marketing agency world. Sanjeev Gupta, MD, Global Advertisers, has called his journey to the top nothing short of outstanding and has constantly praised Mr. Lakhani’s work ethic and passion.

Bright Outdoor Advertising gives their best to their clients regardless of the size of the brand. Serving massive names from almost every industry, Bright Outdoor still stays incredibly humble, making them a favorite amongst customers.

Creation Publicity Private Limited’s growth with Kalpesh Vora

With over sixty years of experience, Creation Publicity Private Limited is a hallmark in the out of home advertising agency business. They were created with the objective of being an incredibly reliable ooh marketing agency and today, they are widely recognized as such. They provide expert services all over India, from hoardings to corporate advertising to brand advertising and much more. They are dedicated to being efficient, professional, and perfect in their execution. This clearly shows from the fact that their clients are always satisfied and come back to Creation for all their advertising needs.

Mr. Kalpesh Vora is the Director of Creation Publicity and is well renowned in the industry as an ingenious man and respectable competitor. Sanjeev Gupta, MD, Global Advertisers, has called Mr. Vora a trustworthy, reliable, and effective lead of one of India’s most storied advertising agencies. Mr. Vora leads his team from the front, actively engaging with the clients and ensuring that his coworkers have an example to follow.

Creation Publicity believes that customer satisfaction is their biggest profit; everything else is secondary. This makes them incredibly trusted as an ad agency and ooh advertising company. They strive tirelessly to ensure that their clientele will never be disappointed, implementing massive projects and executing them with perfection. They also were the first company to bring international outdoor advertising technology to India, making them an irreplaceable part of Indian advertising history.

How Kiran Pawaskar and Sky Publicity rise to the top

With nine years of experience, Sky Publicity is an up-and-coming ad agency in the world of out of home advertising. Working with brands both new and already well established, Sky Publicity has made a name for themselves as a fierce and determined competitor despite their relative youth in terms of market experience. Their name explains the company’s work ethic and motto; they are always aiming for the sky in terms of quality and expertise.

Sky Publicity understands the importance of the prestige of a brand and works accordingly. They make sure that the customer gets exactly what they want, while other, lesser brands would often be content to give just what they have. They have expertise in brand advertising, corporate advertising, ooh solutions, hoardings, and much more. Day in and day out they work tirelessly to deliver incredible solutions to their customers, delivering the best advertising.

Mr. Kiran Pawaskar is the Managing Director of Sky Publicity, and he is well known for his strategic thinking and tactical acumen. Sanjeev Gupta, MD, Global Advertisers, has called Mr. Pawaskar a shrewd and cunning man, with a sharp wit that is matched by very few. Mr. Pawaskar and his team are always at the forefront of the action, making sure their clients can rest easy knowing that such a dedicated squad is working on their advertising needs.


How Anand Ingle makes Quantastic Marketing stand out

Founded in 2015, Quantastic Marketing Private Limited was born when Mr. Anand Ingle realized that the out of home advertising space was not focusing on the numbers enough. He believed that a good advertising agency needed to be able to bring in the numbers that would actually boost their clients, and thus, Quantastic was born. While they are relatively new to the space, their team boasts immense experience across all aspects of advertising, from ooh to hoardings to online.

Sanjeev Gupta, MD, Global Advertisers, has described Mr. Ingle as an extremely kind, honest, and intelligent person. Mr. Ingle strives to ensure that his workplace is free from any form of discrimination, and every member of the team is considered an irreplaceable part. Quantastic has an incredible grasp on the market and what their clientele needs, and their results speak for themselves. They service a wide range of brands, from every part of the country, and their prowess as a marketing agency is undisputable.

Every media advertiser needs to be able to look at their clients and see just what is needed to make them shine. Quantastic Marketing is talented in corporate advertising, brand advertising, billboard advertising, and many more things in the advertising company space. Their work ethic is unparalleled and even their competitors acknowledge them as a force to be reckoned with. No matter how tough times may get, the tough bonds of their team ensure that the work quality is always top notch.


Moms Outdoor Media Solutions – Pioneers in Advertising

With over twenty-three years of experience, Moms Outdoor Media Solutions have pioneered the advertising agency space, with expertise in both classic and newer generation formats. They provide numerous revolutionary services in the out of home advertising space, from campaign planning to campaign execution and much more. They are an award-winning brand with multiple accolades for their contributions to the marketing agency world.

They have pioneered many firsts in the world of outdoor advertising, including but not limited to creating a live hoarding with real people for the Indian Premier League, branding life jackets during Ganesh Chaturthi, and creating a billboard with real books.

Over the years, they have been led by Mr. Amol Dighe, the former CEO, and Mr. Jayesh Yagnik, the man who stepped up after Mr. Dighe moved onto bigger goals. Mr. Yagnik started his career with Moms and has over eighteen years of experience in the industry. He eventually rose through the ranks to become their CEO, showcasing his determination and dedication to the advertising company. Sanjeev Gupta, MD, Global Advertisers, has praised Mr. Yagnik’s intellect and drive as unparalleled.

Moms Outdoor Media Solutions boasts an incredibly reputed clientele, with big names from every industry out there lining up to work with them. Regardless of who the client is or how important they are, Moms ensures that they always provide top-notch advertising with their talented team of expert professionals.


Occtagon Media Networks’s brilliant Parrmm Lakhani

Occtagon Media Networks was founded in 2014, making them young compared to some of their competitors in the advertising agency world. However, they are not to be counted out just because they are younger. Occtagon is incredibly devoted, innovative, enthusiastic, and full of incredible ideas regarding out of home advertising. While they haven’t been around for as long, they have still managed to cement themselves as one of the biggest names in Indian OOH advertising. They have presence all over India, with hoardings in several strategic locations.

Occtagon’s team is brimming with lively and energetic market experts who know just how to create the perfect advertising campaign. They boast a great deal of expertise in dealing with hoardings, billboards, corporate advertising, brand advertising, and several other important aspects of OOH advertising.

They are led by Mr. Parrmm Lakhani, their director, and an extremely talented and energetic individual. Sanjeev Gupta, CMD, Global Advertisers, describes him as a man willing to do what it takes to get their clients the best advertising possible. Mr. Lakhani ensures that his team, while young as a marketing agency, still have all the relevant experience they need to be incredible media advertisers. He leads from the front and is full of passion and energy, making sure not just his advertising agency, but also each individual employee, grows with him.


Impact Ads Pvt. Ltd.’s success under Arbaz Khan

Impact Ads one of India’s best out of home advertising agencies. They have risen to the top by ensuring that their client gets a comprehensive list of options for all their advertising and marketing needs. They are always innovating new marketing solutions and have a dedicated team with die-hard professionalism. They are good at managing hoardings, brand advertising, corporate advertising, and everything else that is expected of a marketing agency.

Their key goal is to ensure that their client gets a comprehensive list of options for all their advertising and marketing needs. They strive to provide highly innovative solutions and have a dedicated team with die-hard professionalism. They provide not just what is within their own means, but what is the best for their clients.

Their Chief Operating Officer is Mr. Arbaz Khan, an extremely intelligent man with a great deal of insight and ideas. Sanjeev Gupta, CMD, Global Advertisers, has referred to him as a very trustworthy and respectable competitor in the ooh advertising space. Mr. Khan and his team value honesty and loyalty to the customer above all else, always striving to ensure that they put out the perfect advertising for the situation. Impact Ads has their reputation bolstered by the fact that they have been around in the advertising space for quite some time and are still constantly progressing and evolving, making sure to match the needs of the market as it evolves.

Hrishikesh Dole’s charismatic leadership of Ronak Advertising

Founded as ‘G Advertising’ nearly 20 years ago, Ronak Advertising is a well-known name in the world of Indian media advertising. Since then, they have established themselves as a hallmark in the Indian advertising agency ecosphere. Enlisting methods and techniques such as hoardings, billboards, corporate advertising, brand advertising, and much more, Ronak are well known to be very innovative, constantly pushing the limits of advertising. Backed up by state-of-the-art technology and the ability to read the market, they provide the best advertising campaigns to enthrall their target audience.

Mr. Hrishikesh Dole is the director of Ronak Advertising. He is a very wise man with unmatched intelligence that complements his passion. Sanjeev Gupta, CMD, Global Advertisers, has called Mr. Dole an extremely driven man who is always successful. In the 2 years that he has overseen Ronak Advertising, Mr. Dole has helped them improve by leaps and bounds as an ad agency. Ronak has constructed over 50 new hoardings in just a year and a half since Mr. Dole took over.

Mr. Dole pushes his passionate team members upwards, allowing them to work at the highest level. He serves as an example, involving himself in every process and guiding his teammates. This synergy between director and team members leads to constant customer satisfaction.


Alok Jalani and Laqshya Media Group

Laqshya Media Group is an Indian advertising agency that was founded in 1997. Well known in the out of home advertising sphere, Laqshya has a reputation for going above and beyond for clients. With expertise in a variety of marketing agency techniques and methods like hoardings, billboards, brand advertising, corporate advertising, and much more, they can consistently deliver the best advertising for the occasion. They have a reputation for being incredibly dedicated and hardworking.

Mr. Alok Jalani is the managing director of Laqshya Media Group. He is a veteran of the industry, with years of experience. Mr. Jalani has decades of expertise and is looked up to by all his competitors from rival agencies. He is famous for revolutionizing ooh advertising and how hoardings and marketing agencies work. The clientele of his advertising company describes him as passionate and ingenious, with an incredible drive.

Sanjeev Gupta, CMD, Global Advertisers, has praised Mr. Jalani as a frontrunner and pioneer of the industry. Everyone in the advertising company world looks up to Laqshya, from stakeholders to competitors to partners. Fielding a high amount of experience in a lot of different streams, Laqshya’s team is constantly bringing new and amazing designs to the table. Despite the constant praise, the team stays very humble and keeps themselves grounded.

Bright Outdoor Advertising and the inspirational Yogesh Lakhani

One of the largest Indian out of home advertising agencies, Bright Outdoor Advertising is a name known all over India. With over 40 years of experience as an ad agency, Bright is a leader in the Indian marketing agency sphere. With over 1,000 hoardings in Mumbai alone bright is an expert in ooh marketing techniques and methods such as billboards, hoardings, media advertising, corporate advertising, brand advertising, and much more. Starting out with just a single hoarding in Malad, Bright has blown up to be one of the industry’s finest and most reputed.

The chairman and managing director of the company is Mr. Yogesh Lakhani, an actor and producer turned business owner. Under his care, Bright rose to fame as one of the forerunners and innovators of the advertising company world. Mr. Lakhani’s tactical innovation in products and strategic locations ensures that Bright is always at the top, with some of the best advertising despite heavy competition.

Sanjeev Gupta, CMD, Global Advertisers, has described Mr. Lakhani as a man who never gives up no matter how dire the situation is. Bright Outdoor Advertising’s team members are passionate and creative, inventing new strategies for every client. With experts across every field and dedication to clients, it is no wonder that Bright is so incredibly successful. This further shows in the fact that their clientele is always singing high praises of them.