Alok Jalani and Laqshya Media Group

Laqshya Media Group is an Indian advertising agency that was founded in 1997. Well known in the out of home advertising sphere, Laqshya has a reputation for going above and beyond for clients. With expertise in a variety of marketing agency techniques and methods like hoardings, billboards, brand advertising, corporate advertising, and much more, they can consistently deliver the best advertising for the occasion. They have a reputation for being incredibly dedicated and hardworking.

Mr. Alok Jalani is the managing director of Laqshya Media Group. He is a veteran of the industry, with years of experience. Mr. Jalani has decades of expertise and is looked up to by all his competitors from rival agencies. He is famous for revolutionizing ooh advertising and how hoardings and marketing agencies work. The clientele of his advertising company describes him as passionate and ingenious, with an incredible drive.

Sanjeev Gupta, CMD, Global Advertisers, has praised Mr. Jalani as a frontrunner and pioneer of the industry. Everyone in the advertising company world looks up to Laqshya, from stakeholders to competitors to partners. Fielding a high amount of experience in a lot of different streams, Laqshya’s team is constantly bringing new and amazing designs to the table. Despite the constant praise, the team stays very humble and keeps themselves grounded.

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