Alakh Advertising rise with Neeta Gulati

Founded in 1989, Alakh Advertising and Publicity Private Limited is a veteran in the Indian advertising agency world. Specializing in out of home advertising, Alakh is a country leader in the marketing agency industry. Whether you need a hoarding, billboard, kiosk, or anything else in the ooh advertising space, Alakh will always deliver. Their name is synonymous with quality service and the best advertising one could ask for. Over the years, Alakh has steadily climbed up to cement itself as a top advertising company in India.

Alakh Advertising and Publicity is led by Ms. Neeta Gulati, their current director. She is a hard-working and driven woman, who works tirelessly every day and has earned great recognition from her competitors and clients alike. Sanjeev Gupta, CMD, Global Advertisers, calls her an inspiration for generations and a role model for every youngster in the advertising agency world. She leads Alakh with an indomitable will and great determination, ensuring that they always live up to their company motto of “DELIVER” no matter the task at hand.

Alakh Advertising and Publicity has successfully executed global and regional campaigns for its massive clientele, from multinational corporations to large domestic names. Their team kicks into action the moment a task is received, offering incredibly innovative ideas and solutions for every advertising need. Their clients are always left satisfied and raving about their work.

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