Alakh Advertising under Neeta Gulati’s leadership

Founded in 1989, Alakh Advertising and Publicity Private Limited is one of the best in the world of Indian advertising agencies. Alakh has great knowledge in out of home advertising, being well known as innovators in the ad agency sphere, with expertise in methods and mechanisms like hoardings, billboards, kiosks, corporate advertising, brand advertising and anything else in the ooh advertising space. With some of the best advertising around, it is no surprise that Alakh is as well known as it is.

The current director of Alakh Advertising and Publicity Private Limited is Ms. Neeta Gulati, an innovative and intelligent person, who has become a role model in the industry for her impressive skillset. Sanjeev Gupta, CMD, Global Advertisers, has praised her as a leader in the marketing agency world who inspires others to work harder every day. Alakh’s team takes their motto of “DELIVER” very seriously, doing their best for every client.

Alakh Advertising and Publicity have run multiple incredible global and regional advertising campaigns for a multitude of companies. They work with multinational corporations as well as domestic giants. Alakh’s team focuses heavily on customer satisfaction, always going above and beyond to ensure their customers get the best. This makes them a favorite amongst their clientele, who are always pleased with the results.

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