OOH Is Back In Full Form

OOH is a medium which involves movement from one touchpoint to another, hence mobility is vital to OOH. COVID had affected out-of-home movement drastically in 2020 & early 2021, but now with mobility back with a vengeance, in 2022. It is the 2nd Traditional medium after Television to cross the pre-COVID level.

“OOH ADEX contributed almost Rs 900 crores each in the first 3 quarters. Q4 was a bumper Quarter when the medium crossed the Rs 1000 crore milestone for the very first time and contributed almost 30% to the full year. OOH continued to be the growth driver with its big, bright, colourful, and moving displays. Along with Destination DOOH, Digital displays are continuously growing on-road across markets. DOOH screens have grown from 26,940 in 2020 to 57,690 in 2021 to 89,700 in 2022. 25% of these screens were in Tier 1 cities in 2022. Tier 2 markets also have a good proportion of digital screens, but these are predominantly at transit points. We estimate that Digital OOH is still very small at about 12%. Open RTB’s adoption of Digital Out of Home paves the way for an omnichannel strategy. Integrating Digital OOH into OpenRTB will improve measurement and transparency while protecting the privacy of audiences’ personal information. Looking at the Categories, the top 4 contribute to 56%. Real Estate is leading the pack with a share of 19% followed by Retail, FMCG, & Consumer Services. Expectedly, every Category registered substantial growth except Lubricants and Energy ”says the report.

“The hoardings of advertising agencies such as the ooh ad, the marketing agency hoardings act as a media advertiser for the public. Sometimes outdoor advertising works better for the ad agencies for advertising companies through hoardings and billboards. These are some of the best ways of advertising such big agencies like the ooh advertising. Corporate advertising is different from that of brand advertising as here the focus is on the company rather than the product or the brand. The ad company gets publicity through outdoor media in the form of hoardings, out of home advertising etc. On a vast scale, global advertising expands the batch of media agencies with the help of outdoor media advertising such as billboards, posters, banners etc. Some of the top advertising agencies include the corporate ads.” says Mr. Sanjeev Gupta.

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