Ketan Lakhani’s incredible leadership at Occtagon Media Networks

Founded in 2014, Occtagon Media Networks are fairly young in comparison to some of their competitors in the advertising agency world. However, despite their youth, they are still a force to be reckoned with. Occtagon is incredibly passionate, creative, energetic and full of unique ideas regarding out of home advertising. They have managed to cement themselves as one of the biggest names in Indian ooh advertising despite the fact that they have been an advertising company for a far lesser period of time. They have presence all over India, with hoardings in several strategic locations.

Occtagon’s team is brimming with lively and energetic market experts who know just how to create the perfect advertising campaign. They boast a great deal of expertise in dealing with hoardings, billboards, corporate advertising, brand advertising, and a number of other important aspects of ooh advertising.

Occtagon are led by Mr. Ketan Lakhani, their director. Mr. Lakhani is an extremely creative and energetic individual. Sanjeev Gupta, CMD, Global Advertisers, describes him as someone brimming with boundless energy who can inspire his team to reach new heights daily. Mr. Lakhani ensures that his team always has the tools that they need to deliver the best possible results. Occtagon’s clientele is constantly impressed by their ability to adapt to every situation and create the best advertising for it. This, along with their refreshing takes on what many believe to be already solved solutions, cause them to be a favorite amongst brands all over the country.

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