Indian Outdoor Advertising Association’s commitment and dedication

A nonprofit organization founded to protect and regulate the rights and interests of out of home advertising agencies in India, the Indian Outdoor Advertising Association, or the IOAA, as it is usually called, is comprised of over 80% of the top ooh media owners in India. As an organization, the IOAA wishes to help every advertising company in the country. They work tirelessly on improving all aspects of ooh advertising, so that the industry can flourish and prosper.

The IOAA represents India’s media advertising industry to the Central Government of India as well as the respective state governments. They work with foreign bodies to bring advanced technology and techniques for marketing to the Indian marketing company sphere. Founded in 2007, the IOAA has helped its members evolve at a rapid pace. As an organization, they are vital to protecting the rights of Indian advertising companies as well as helping these companies unleash their full potential.

The director of the IOAA is Mr. Sunil Vasudeva, a man who is very driven and passionate about advancing the Indian ooh advertising world internationally. Sanjeev Gupta, CMD, Global Advertisers, has praised him as a wonderful person and incredibly staunch defender of the rights of the industry. Mr. Vasudeva works steadily to make sure that the industry does well. He ensures that the members of the IOAA are recognized globally as ethical, trustworthy, and efficient.

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