E-commerce TV ADEX up from 5% to 20%

Due to the time spent in favour of Digital, the brand custodians have continued to use TV as their dominant medium spending 60% to 90% of their media budgets on TV. And therefore, TV continued to occupy the numero uno position in ADEX with market share ranging from 37% to 42% in the last 10 years.

“It dramatically increased its share from 5% in 2019 to 18% in 2021 and further increased it to 20% last year and is now firmly seated as the second most important category in TV ADEX. In 2022, for the first time we saw signs of stress in Linear TV and its share has come down from a high of 42% in 2020 and 38% in 2021 to a new low of 34%. In the face of growing Digital spends, TV has now been relegated to number 2 position in the Indian ADEX sweepstakes. Education, including EdTech, dramatically reduced its TV spends by 24%. EdTech accounts for most of this decrease and because of this Education is now relegated to 4th position with a 4% share.Telecom, which had one time used TV as their battlefield, has further dropped spends in 2022 and its share has come down from 12% in 2016 to 4% in 2021 and 3% last year.In terms of genre, Hindi GEC continues to lead the pack with respect to TV ADEX, but significantly last year more and more Advertisers used more of second line GEC, indicating that efficiency is top of their mind.Sports clearly is becoming as large as Hindi GEC and despite very high CPRPs is finding favour with more and more Advertisers. The number of Advertisers on Sport increased from around 370 in 2021 to around 470 in 2022.” the report says.

“Most of the best advertising agencies are online advertising companies as they use online, digital mode with creativity, they are often referred to as creative ad agencies which are perceived indoors by online mode and outdoors by offline mode.
Some marketing and advertising companies are the most creative brand agency which helps in advertising agency ads. The advertising firm forms the agency website for the company ads, which sometimes reach the top agencies. Outdoor advertising companies have a better chance of doing better and reaching the top-tier advertising companies which are the best advertising companies. Specific top brand agencies are known to be the best brand agencies. Online advertising agencies are the best agencies to be utilized for online advertising which are claimed to be the best ad agencies. Marketing and advertising agencies go hand in hand with media advertising agencies like ooh ad which is a global advertising agency with an agency website.” says Mr. Sanjeev Gupta.

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Digital ADEX has grown by 35% in 2022

Over the last two years, Digital has doubled in size from Rs. 16,974 crores to Rs. 34,405 crores in 2022. With this growth, its share has further risen to 38% and it has overtaken TV to become the largest medium in Indian ADEX.

In spite of all this growth, we must note that Digital ADEX in India trails behind Global ADEX. Digital share in Global ADEX is 68%. A 10-year review shows that Digital has grown from a mere Rs. 3,050 crores, with a 9% share to Rs. 34,405 crores with a 38% share today. Over these 10 years, in all the years it has grown by around 30% or more, each year, except in Covid year 2020, when it grew by only 10%.

“The reason for Digital’s growth is clearly its now massive reach across the spectrum, with it overtaking TV Reach in some States. Advertisers realise that without Digital they will not reach some key consumers. The second reason is our ability to target much more meaningfully on Digital than conventional demographics into psychographics, contextual targeting, retargeting, hyperlocal targeting, etc., and has opened up the exciting opportunity to do scaled communication in a customised manner. The third reason is our ability in some way or form to track some response to advertising across the marketing funnel.” the report says.

“Digital’s power comes from its versatility, it has a key role to play across the entire marketing. Digital marketing is growing because of the advertising agency that has the best brand advertising. When we talk about media agencies we have top ad agency websites along with the companies. As written in the above paragraphs Digital growth is massive and it has reached across the spectrum with overtaking TV reach in states. That’s also what we can say because of digital marketing and the hoardings and various sites which advertise and make people aware. The ooh ad agency is considered to be one of the best ad agencies, it is also a top creative agency which not only provides outdoor media services but also online advertising. Though ooh media agency provides best ooh media advertising.” says Mr. Sanjeev Gupta.

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Pitch Madison Report 2023 AdEX Projections Come True

Despite surprises like 2020-Covid Wave-I, the 2021-Covid Wave-II, the 2022 Covid Wave-III and the Russia-Ukraine, Indian AdEx grew by 21 percent when the prediction was that it would grow by 20 percent

Sanjeev Gupta, MD, Global Advertisers, agrees with experts who say that we have truly entered the VUCA world. VUCA stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, and is used as a phrase to describe the nature of the world in which we operate in present times. Despite all the set-backs in the World, India’s GDP grew at 6.8%, and that is the good news. Here is what we learned in the report. Despite a subdued November and December, there were 9 reasonably good months in the year.

“There are now quite a few family driven businesses who have experienced good growth in the last 5 years and have developed the ambition to break into the big league, having substantially increased their advertising budgets. India’s ADEX has grown by 33 % over the last 3 years, when global ADEX grew by 35%, but last year it grew by only 8% versus 21% in India. In absolute terms, ADEX has added Rs. 15,572 crores last year, growing from Rs. 74,231 crore to Rs. 89,803 crore which is the second highest gain of the last two decades,” the report says.

“The new picture that emerges from the report helps us as a business. As a media advertising agency in the business of the ooh ad, Global is an advertising agency that has made a name for itself as an ad agency with a difference. Our figures reveal a healthy picture as we consider extending our offerings to areas like website branding and advertising agency brand advertising agency. We have achieved this goal by erasing the difference between being one among various site hoarding billboard companies and an online ad agency serving some of the best advertising websites with their outdoor advertising boards and outdoor billboard signs of hoarding, which makes us the best media advertising company among our peers in the market,” says Mr. Sanjeev Gupta.

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Roshan Space under the leadership of Mr. Abdul Kader Shaikh

Mr. Abdul Kader Shaikh, the founder of Roshan Space, was one of the pioneers of the OOH industry in Mumbai. Mr, Shaikh named his company after his wife in 1978. Speaking about his early beginnings, the company’s website https://www.roshanspace.com says, “When its power of reach was less understood, he had a vision of what the industry could be. A visionary and then a businessman, over the next few decades he acquired billboards in the most iconic locations in the city. In fact, there have been instances where he had to wait for years for the one he wanted to be available. But patience was key, and this focused perseverance paid off in the end.

Junaid Shaikh handed the active reins of the company to his son in 2012, while taking on the role of a mentor and guide in his later years.
Any unique out of home advertising sign or as they are more commonly called – outdoor advertising media billboard calls for a deep engagement with the matrix that has the geography, market dynamics, marketing goals of the client and targeted psychographics as its corners. Says Sanjeev Gupta, the CMD of Global Advertisers,
“Anybody who has spent over two decades in the advertising business knows the great influence Mr. Abdul Kader Shaikh enjoyed among his peers. He was respected widely and his advice was taken very seriously. Advertising in general and outdoor advertising in particular goes beyond marketing a billboard ad or outdoor business advertising signs or ads in billboards. Outdoor billboard advertising companies are required to be extremely sensitive to every micro shift in the weather of their respective markets. As the founder and head of a billboard ad agency I understand how hard billboard media companies have to work in order to corner a share in the business billboard signs market. Today, when various media of outdoor advertising are being used to send the marketing message across the advertising outdoor billboard ecosystem, one has to factor the other contributory factors that are impacting business beyond outdoor marketing signs and outdoor mobile billboards.I cannot think of brain that grasped these complexities as well as Mr. Abdul Kader Shaikh,” says Gupta.

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We continue to learn from Yogesh Lakhani

Sanjeev Gupta, CMD, Global Advertisers, has always said that the founder of Bright is a worthy competitor from whom he has learned much

If you are looking for the best brand advertising in Mumbai, look no further. Global Advertising is a company or advertising agency with the best OOH business that has integrated various services offered by online ad companies, which makes it the favourite choice among popular ad agencies in town. When it comes to creative ooh advertising or out of home media advertising, Global headed by Mr. Sanjeev Gupta is a name that has long been taken along with Bright headed by Shri Yogesh Lakhnani. However, while most creative out of home advertising or ooh media advertising properties like hoardings and billboards owned by Bright cover more spots, all the nerve centers in the city outdoor advertising signs or out of home ads business are owned by Global Advertisers. This ’boutique approach’ taken by Global is informed by strategies followed by the best media agencies in the world. As a marketing agency or company that stands tall among outdoor billboard companies that complements online advertising, Global is a firm with best business advertising online as well thanks to its attempts to be identified as a creative agency or top ad agency that is as updated with what appears on their clients’ websites as they are with competitors like online advertising companies.

Of all the competitors, Mr. Sanjeev Gupta says that many of his lessons in the art of using outdoors came from observing Mr. Yogesh Lakhani, the CMD of Bright Outdoor Media Pvt.Ltd who started early and started small before becoming one of the most respected outdoor advertisers in Mumbai. Mr. Lakhani said in an interview given to exhibitionshowcase.com said, “My journey stretches from the day after I completed giving my SSC exams and had started working as a mere slide delivery boy in Mumbai. In the very early days of my career I did all kinds of jobs in Banner fixing, Cinema slides, Railway Boards, etc. I spent many sleepless nights to do the work of installing boards at various railway stations of Mumbai. In 1990, I took up a small table space with just one office staff. Things started developing rapidly. We acquired the monopoly of all the hoarding sites at the railway stations of one of the prime suburbs of Mumbai. By 1995, we developed around 200 hoarding sites, ventured into the road sites and took a large office space at Borivali thereby kick starting the real journey of what today is known as Bright Outdoor Media Pvt. Ltd. (previously known as Bright Advertising Agency). Gradually, we cultivated a professional team of 25 members who has always stood by us and has helped us in making Bright the brand it is known for today. Bright has also expanded its operations to other cities of India like Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc.”

Click https://realtyquarter.com/outdoor-media-has-evolved-with-time-hence-it-has-a-very-bright-future-says-mr-sanjeev-gupta-managing-director-global-advertisers/ to read an interview of Sanjeev Gupta, CMD, Global Advertisers

Parrmm Lakhani makes waves with Occtagon Media Networks

Occtagon Media Networks and the art of giving Parrmm Sukh through OOH advertising

Parrmm Lakhani, Director, Occtagon Media Networks, heads not just an ooh media advertising business that goes beyond the traditional understanding of an advertising agency business and embraces the profile of New Age online ad companies but is today among the most popular ad agencies or creative ooh advertising teams in the out of home media advertising circuit.

Whether it is ooh media advertising or outdoor advertising signs or even out of home ads, Occtagon Media Networks, is a force to reckon with. Operating with a young and lean team, Parrmm has built in a very short span a player that stands among the top media agencies in Mumbai.
As a marketing agency company with its business rooted in a heritage that makes it a rather competitive outdoor billboard company, Parrmm Lakhani today complements what is one of the best online advertising companies runs around with the reflexes of an online advertising firm offering the best business advertising solutions. Occtagon’s website is the work of an innovator who runs an online creative agency to reckon with and stands tall despite its lightweight size among the very top ad agency websites offering media solutions in the Indian market.
This is what the Occtagon website says about him:

Parrmm Lakhani is an avid cricket fan, Parrmm is that captain extraordinaire who can inspire his team to win. He leads from the front and by example. A magnanimous person, he respects every individual and encourages everyone to think big. Because he believes that his company actually grows when his employees grow with it. Hard work and perseverance are his favourite buzzwords. But Parrmm isn’t all about work only. He lives by the ‘Work hard, party harder’ motto.

Engineering To Outdoors

The story of  Ronak Advertising under the dynamic leadership of Hrishikesh Yashwant Dole

Among the big names in the hoarding agency or ooh marketing agency business that is not known so much as an online advertising firm as a marketing phenomenon, Ronak Advertising led by  Hrishikesh Yashwant Dole as the Director stands out as an island of excellence among its peers.  Known for his best business practices when it comes to advertising online or offline, Mr. Dole is known as  a person who heads Ronak Advertising, a creative agency that is widely considered among the best in its field. For instance, if you look at As a top ad agency websites or even the top online advertising companies they represent, the Ronak Advertising website stands out for its simplicity, directness and ability to engage with the customer base of the advertising agency. 

As such Ronak Advertisers is an ace at marketing and considered to be among the best creative marketing agencies when it comes to its superlative use of media. Being a creative agency with some of the best out of home advertising campaigns, it has become bigger than a hoarding provider and become in the words of its competetors ‘the best marketing agency when it comes to ooh. 

Considering the growth trajectory of Ronak Advertising, even as outdoor advertising grows in the post pandemic surge, Ronak is certain to stay way ahead of most digital billboard companies thanks to its reputation as a leader among the best creative advertising agencies in Mumbai. 

The Ronak Advertising website rightly desribes Hrishikesh Yashwant Dole as a person who has donned many hats in his esteemed career. 

Hrishikesh is a Electronics and Tele-communication engineer who started his career with Samudra Electronics (Manufacturer of UPS systems) where he worked for 10 months, afterwhich he jumped right into business. In March 2012, Hrishikesh joined Ronak Advertising as a partner,.

Deepa Gupta And The Art Of Out Of Home Advertising 

Following Deepa Gupta’s elevation to the post of VP, West, and South at MOMS Outdoor Media Solutions, all eyes have been on her next moves for some time now. Her new role carries with it several interesting. OOH being so much more than hoarding media includes BTL as well. Innovative outdoor advertising has always been a huge strength with Deepa Gupta who is expected to help lead the company’s business growth in the West & South regions of India. 

Deepa Gupta has a track record that precedes her stint at MOMS Outdoor Media. She is well known as a thorough professional with a decade-and-a-half track record of many campaigns that have gone beyond hoardings. As a marketing agency leader in the out of home advertising field, Deepa Gupta has helmed several corporate ads campaigns that have included ad hoarding innovation and married it to strategic offerings by online advertising companies. Overall, along with all the magic of a creative brand agency that specializes nevertheless as an ooh ad agency. Even her website best marketing ads mark her out as a superior advert company expert with a thorough understanding of digital billboard companies and the fine art of creating impactful outdoor business advertising signs through a great understanding of OOH as a weapon of mass promotion.

 According to a report carried by the M4G Bureau on May 10, 2022, “Deepa has over 15 years of experience behind her, leading the OOH requirements of cross-category clientele relations in Madison World. She is also listed in the e4m OOH 40 Under 40. Deepa has worked with major brands, including Asian Paints, Raymond, MX player, Bajaj group, Piramal Group, Pidilite, Sony, Lodha, Bluestar, TATA Telecom Services, Toyota, and Starbucks, to name a few.”

How To Make Hoardings Work For Your Brand

Effective brand planning is key to effective marketing, which is why OOH marketing agencies need such strong brand planners

To select the right OOH marketing agency or even the perfect single hoarding calls for OOH marketing agency intelligence that sees hoardings as tools in the larger corporate advertising effort that includes out-of-home advertising, ooh media in general, and the creative part of producing billboard ads that converse with the target audience at a particular hoarding site.
In other words, you have to know the time, the place, the demographic of a particular hoarding location, and also possess the wisdom to arrive at a creative that engages the population to whom the billboard ad is eminently visible.

Such wisdom is not only a must, it is also extremely rare, which is why sound advice from good brand planners is so essential for communicating the brand message. Global with its two-decade-plus record of observing the correlation between outdoor site demographics and adspend RoI, is a good reason why it remains such a force in the field of OOH in Mumbai.

In an interview published on www.afaqs.com on 24 Apr 2020, Amol Dighe, CEO, Madison Media Ultra & Head Investments, spoke telling words on the type of specialization/talent is missing in media agencies today. “Two types: One is strategic brand understanding. I believe the brand planner is almost a marketing resource for the brand and has to be as close to the brand as the marketing manager is. That talent needs to be revived. The second is medium-neutral brand custodians. We need talent that can look at the entire gamut of media and not just approach it as traditional versus digital. That bifurcation should end,” said Dighe.

Arbaz Khan, COO at Impact Ads Pvt Ltd

Arbaz Khan, the Chief Operating Officer at Impact Ads Pvt Ltd, explains in his LinkedIn bio how Impact Ads came into existence, “Impact has been established with the sole aim to save your time while planning and buying your outdoor advertising, the team of Impact Ads work with all the major media owners to enable us to provide you with a bespoke outdoor advertising and activation program. We offer corporate expert and professional application support across 24 cities in India. (360-degree advertising solution).”