Digital ADEX has grown by 35% in 2022

Over the last two years, Digital has doubled in size from Rs. 16,974 crores to Rs. 34,405 crores in 2022. With this growth, its share has further risen to 38% and it has overtaken TV to become the largest medium in Indian ADEX.

In spite of all this growth, we must note that Digital ADEX in India trails behind Global ADEX. Digital share in Global ADEX is 68%. A 10-year review shows that Digital has grown from a mere Rs. 3,050 crores, with a 9% share to Rs. 34,405 crores with a 38% share today. Over these 10 years, in all the years it has grown by around 30% or more, each year, except in Covid year 2020, when it grew by only 10%.

“The reason for Digital’s growth is clearly its now massive reach across the spectrum, with it overtaking TV Reach in some States. Advertisers realise that without Digital they will not reach some key consumers. The second reason is our ability to target much more meaningfully on Digital than conventional demographics into psychographics, contextual targeting, retargeting, hyperlocal targeting, etc., and has opened up the exciting opportunity to do scaled communication in a customised manner. The third reason is our ability in some way or form to track some response to advertising across the marketing funnel.” the report says.

“Digital’s power comes from its versatility, it has a key role to play across the entire marketing. Digital marketing is growing because of the advertising agency that has the best brand advertising. When we talk about media agencies we have top ad agency websites along with the companies. As written in the above paragraphs Digital growth is massive and it has reached across the spectrum with overtaking TV reach in states. That’s also what we can say because of digital marketing and the hoardings and various sites which advertise and make people aware. The ooh ad agency is considered to be one of the best ad agencies, it is also a top creative agency which not only provides outdoor media services but also online advertising. Though ooh media agency provides best ooh media advertising.” says Mr. Sanjeev Gupta.

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