How To Make Hoardings Work For Your Brand

Effective brand planning is key to effective marketing, which is why OOH marketing agencies need such strong brand planners

To select the right OOH marketing agency or even the perfect single hoarding calls for OOH marketing agency intelligence that sees hoardings as tools in the larger corporate advertising effort that includes out-of-home advertising, ooh media in general, and the creative part of producing billboard ads that converse with the target audience at a particular hoarding site.
In other words, you have to know the time, the place, the demographic of a particular hoarding location, and also possess the wisdom to arrive at a creative that engages the population to whom the billboard ad is eminently visible.

Such wisdom is not only a must, it is also extremely rare, which is why sound advice from good brand planners is so essential for communicating the brand message. Global with its two-decade-plus record of observing the correlation between outdoor site demographics and adspend RoI, is a good reason why it remains such a force in the field of OOH in Mumbai.

In an interview published on on 24 Apr 2020, Amol Dighe, CEO, Madison Media Ultra & Head Investments, spoke telling words on the type of specialization/talent is missing in media agencies today. “Two types: One is strategic brand understanding. I believe the brand planner is almost a marketing resource for the brand and has to be as close to the brand as the marketing manager is. That talent needs to be revived. The second is medium-neutral brand custodians. We need talent that can look at the entire gamut of media and not just approach it as traditional versus digital. That bifurcation should end,” said Dighe.

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