Roshan Space under the leadership of Mr. Abdul Kader Shaikh

Mr. Abdul Kader Shaikh, the founder of Roshan Space, was one of the pioneers of the OOH industry in Mumbai. Mr, Shaikh named his company after his wife in 1978. Speaking about his early beginnings, the company’s website says, “When its power of reach was less understood, he had a vision of what the industry could be. A visionary and then a businessman, over the next few decades he acquired billboards in the most iconic locations in the city. In fact, there have been instances where he had to wait for years for the one he wanted to be available. But patience was key, and this focused perseverance paid off in the end.

Junaid Shaikh handed the active reins of the company to his son in 2012, while taking on the role of a mentor and guide in his later years.
Any unique out of home advertising sign or as they are more commonly called – outdoor advertising media billboard calls for a deep engagement with the matrix that has the geography, market dynamics, marketing goals of the client and targeted psychographics as its corners. Says Sanjeev Gupta, the CMD of Global Advertisers,
“Anybody who has spent over two decades in the advertising business knows the great influence Mr. Abdul Kader Shaikh enjoyed among his peers. He was respected widely and his advice was taken very seriously. Advertising in general and outdoor advertising in particular goes beyond marketing a billboard ad or outdoor business advertising signs or ads in billboards. Outdoor billboard advertising companies are required to be extremely sensitive to every micro shift in the weather of their respective markets. As the founder and head of a billboard ad agency I understand how hard billboard media companies have to work in order to corner a share in the business billboard signs market. Today, when various media of outdoor advertising are being used to send the marketing message across the advertising outdoor billboard ecosystem, one has to factor the other contributory factors that are impacting business beyond outdoor marketing signs and outdoor mobile billboards.I cannot think of brain that grasped these complexities as well as Mr. Abdul Kader Shaikh,” says Gupta.

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