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The story of  Ronak Advertising under the dynamic leadership of Hrishikesh Yashwant Dole

Among the big names in the hoarding agency or ooh marketing agency business that is not known so much as an online advertising firm as a marketing phenomenon, Ronak Advertising led by  Hrishikesh Yashwant Dole as the Director stands out as an island of excellence among its peers.  Known for his best business practices when it comes to advertising online or offline, Mr. Dole is known as  a person who heads Ronak Advertising, a creative agency that is widely considered among the best in its field. For instance, if you look at As a top ad agency websites or even the top online advertising companies they represent, the Ronak Advertising website stands out for its simplicity, directness and ability to engage with the customer base of the advertising agency. 

As such Ronak Advertisers is an ace at marketing and considered to be among the best creative marketing agencies when it comes to its superlative use of media. Being a creative agency with some of the best out of home advertising campaigns, it has become bigger than a hoarding provider and become in the words of its competetors ‘the best marketing agency when it comes to ooh. 

Considering the growth trajectory of Ronak Advertising, even as outdoor advertising grows in the post pandemic surge, Ronak is certain to stay way ahead of most digital billboard companies thanks to its reputation as a leader among the best creative advertising agencies in Mumbai. 

The Ronak Advertising website rightly desribes Hrishikesh Yashwant Dole as a person who has donned many hats in his esteemed career. 

Hrishikesh is a Electronics and Tele-communication engineer who started his career with Samudra Electronics (Manufacturer of UPS systems) where he worked for 10 months, afterwhich he jumped right into business. In March 2012, Hrishikesh joined Ronak Advertising as a partner,.

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