The rise of the Indian Outdoor Advertising Association

Created to protect and promote the interests of out of home advertising in India, the Indian Outdoor Advertising Association is a nonprofit company with more than 80% of top ooh media owners as its members. The IOAA, as it is widely known, is a group that aims to further the growth and recognition of the advertising agency world in India. They work towards strengthening all aspects of ooh advertising so that their members can be globally recognized as effective, efficient, innovative, and professional.

The IOAA is the representative of the advertising agency industry to the government of India as well as the state governments. They work together with industry associations in other countries to ensure that their members have all the cutting-edge technology and developments. They were founded in 2007 and have managed to grow the marketing agency industry to an incredible scale. They are incredibly vital to not just the growth of the sphere, but also the safety and protection of the bodies that make up the main force of the industry.

The IOAA’s director is Mr. Sunil Vasudeva, a man who is committed to furthering the agenda of Indian ooh advertising space on a national level. Sanjeev Gupta, CMD, Global Advertisers, has praised him as a stalwart beacon of innovation and progress in the industry. Mr. Vasudeva works tirelessly to make sure that the interests of every advertising company are protected, and the industry can grow with leaps and bounds.

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