The OOH Ad And Its Varieties 

What do an online ad agency and the best advertising websites say about the variety of OOH advertising options beyond the ubiquitous outdoor advertising boards?

There is an old saying in the world of outdoor advertising agencies that says ‘A hoarding is only as good as what a hoarding does’. The saying is, of course, talking about measuring the ROI of outdoor digital media. If you are a business owner with a limited budget, you might want to ask yourself what form of outdoor business signs or outdoor marketing signs would work for you. After all the outdoor advertising market is huge and there is an even wider variety of billboard marketing companies that promise you the sky. You may want to ask why you should spend on OOH? Well, the answer is simple. To this day, OOH media or billboard ads are the simplest, surest, and most direct way of engaging the mind of your potential customers with your brand. Call a billboard a compulsive hoarding, an outdoor ad, or a corporate ad, the truth remains – hoardings talk directly to people on the street. Ad hoardings are present where the people are, where the business actually is. The next question that you are likely to have is what do the best marketing agencies say about the options available to advertise OOH.     

On September 26, 2017, Yogesh Lakhani, the CMD of Bright Outdoor Media Pvt.Ltd., explained in an interview on the website that outdoor advertising has grown to a point where it offers a variety of options. 

OOH advertising formats fall into six main categories: billboards, streets, roads, highways, transit, and alternative. Outdoor advertising is a media that is everywhere, and when used with creativity, it creates brand new ad spaces in places where none existed before. It’s also one of the most cost-effective advertising options. This platform is undergoing a lot of innovations enabling it to reach, intrigue, and engage your target audience. Few such innovations are building illumination and mobile image projection.

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