Hrishikesh Dole’s charismatic leadership of Ronak Advertising

Founded as ‘G Advertising’ nearly 20 years ago, Ronak Advertising is a well-known name in the world of Indian media advertising. Since then, they have established themselves as a hallmark in the Indian advertising agency ecosphere. Enlisting methods and techniques such as hoardings, billboards, corporate advertising, brand advertising, and much more, Ronak are well known to be very innovative, constantly pushing the limits of advertising. Backed up by state-of-the-art technology and the ability to read the market, they provide the best advertising campaigns to enthrall their target audience.

Mr. Hrishikesh Dole is the director of Ronak Advertising. He is a very wise man with unmatched intelligence that complements his passion. Sanjeev Gupta, CMD, Global Advertisers, has called Mr. Dole an extremely driven man who is always successful. In the 2 years that he has overseen Ronak Advertising, Mr. Dole has helped them improve by leaps and bounds as an ad agency. Ronak has constructed over 50 new hoardings in just a year and a half since Mr. Dole took over.

Mr. Dole pushes his passionate team members upwards, allowing them to work at the highest level. He serves as an example, involving himself in every process and guiding his teammates. This synergy between director and team members leads to constant customer satisfaction.


Alok Jalani and Laqshya Media Group

Laqshya Media Group is an Indian advertising agency that was founded in 1997. Well known in the out of home advertising sphere, Laqshya has a reputation for going above and beyond for clients. With expertise in a variety of marketing agency techniques and methods like hoardings, billboards, brand advertising, corporate advertising, and much more, they can consistently deliver the best advertising for the occasion. They have a reputation for being incredibly dedicated and hardworking.

Mr. Alok Jalani is the managing director of Laqshya Media Group. He is a veteran of the industry, with years of experience. Mr. Jalani has decades of expertise and is looked up to by all his competitors from rival agencies. He is famous for revolutionizing ooh advertising and how hoardings and marketing agencies work. The clientele of his advertising company describes him as passionate and ingenious, with an incredible drive.

Sanjeev Gupta, CMD, Global Advertisers, has praised Mr. Jalani as a frontrunner and pioneer of the industry. Everyone in the advertising company world looks up to Laqshya, from stakeholders to competitors to partners. Fielding a high amount of experience in a lot of different streams, Laqshya’s team is constantly bringing new and amazing designs to the table. Despite the constant praise, the team stays very humble and keeps themselves grounded.

How Ashwin Domadia runs Arham Advertising

A super reliable and well-known out of home advertising company, Arham Advertising is one of India’s strongest competitors in the advertising agency world. They specialize in brand advertising, corporate advertising, hoardings and everything that their customer could dream of in the ooh advertising sphere. Boasting quality work all over India, they are renowned for their speed and efficiency. They are proud of the fact that they put their customers above all else, ensuring that they deliver top notch work that suits their requirements perfectly.

Mr. Ashwin Domadia is Arham Advertising’s chairman, and he is an intelligent but humble man who has made his way through the ranks of the advertising company world in India. Sanjeev Gupta, CMD, Global Advertisers, praised him as a tireless warrior who is always doing his best to deliver the best. Mr. Domadia is wise, innovative, and above all, in tune with the needs of his clientele and the trends of the market. His team of veterans showcase their expertise constantly by knowing just what to do regardless of the task presented to them.

Arham Advertising’s clients frequently praise this marketing agency as a top-tier brand that provides the best customer satisfaction. Arham believes in forging close connections with their clients, and making sure that they do everything that is needed to earn themselves repeat customers. They work incredibly on delivering the best advertising to their clients.

Print in India defies global ADEX trends

As usual Print in India surprises global Print barons and defies global ADEX trends. Print is substantially helped in its growth journey by the fact that a lot of SMBs use Print as their only Advertising medium and most Print titles, specially Regional Print get more than 50% of their Advertising revenue from such Advertisers, which are also growing in numbers.

“Print has been estimated as 4% of Global ADEX by Whilst globally WARC, and Print in India reigned with a 21% share. Print ADEX grew last year by 11% to reach a value of Rs. 18,470 crores, almost equalling its pre-covid figure of Rs. 20,045 crores. Whilst in most countries Print is degrowing in absolute terms, not just in share terms, it is credible that in India it is in fact growing and grew last year at a higher rate than TV’s 9% growth. Also H2 performed well for Print and 58% of its ADEX came from H2 vs only 46% in pre-Covid year 2019. Education de-grew marginally, it emerged as the largest category in Print overtaking FMCG, which degrew by as much as 8%. Two other large categories, Clothing, Fashion and Jewellery, and Household Durables grew substantially by over 50%. There is also a recognition among large Advertisers, even from FMCG and definitely HH Durables and 4 and 2 wheelers, that Print is irreplaceable for announcements of New Launches and promotions. Although the recently released ABC circulation numbers show that for most publications, circulation has not reached the Pre Pandemic levels, this fact does not seem to have daunted advertisers from using print any less, since both Volume and Value have gone up by 15% and 11% respectively.” says the report.

“Print in India has been increasing and surprising the global print Barons as print is being used for several years and for various purposes. Print is the main source of advertising. It is used on a large scale globally as well as in India, in the form of billboards, newspapers, hoardings etc. Marketing agencies, Corporate agencies, media agency all of them use print for advertising products, companies, brands so that there is enough publicity and awareness amongst the people. Although with more companies and other agencies taking their marketing efforts online, the old has become new again as print media becomes the new trend. The graph keeps inclining and declining on the basis of the ongoing trend. says Mr. Sanjeev Gupta.

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OOH Is Back In Full Form

OOH is a medium which involves movement from one touchpoint to another, hence mobility is vital to OOH. COVID had affected out-of-home movement drastically in 2020 & early 2021, but now with mobility back with a vengeance, in 2022. It is the 2nd Traditional medium after Television to cross the pre-COVID level.

“OOH ADEX contributed almost Rs 900 crores each in the first 3 quarters. Q4 was a bumper Quarter when the medium crossed the Rs 1000 crore milestone for the very first time and contributed almost 30% to the full year. OOH continued to be the growth driver with its big, bright, colourful, and moving displays. Along with Destination DOOH, Digital displays are continuously growing on-road across markets. DOOH screens have grown from 26,940 in 2020 to 57,690 in 2021 to 89,700 in 2022. 25% of these screens were in Tier 1 cities in 2022. Tier 2 markets also have a good proportion of digital screens, but these are predominantly at transit points. We estimate that Digital OOH is still very small at about 12%. Open RTB’s adoption of Digital Out of Home paves the way for an omnichannel strategy. Integrating Digital OOH into OpenRTB will improve measurement and transparency while protecting the privacy of audiences’ personal information. Looking at the Categories, the top 4 contribute to 56%. Real Estate is leading the pack with a share of 19% followed by Retail, FMCG, & Consumer Services. Expectedly, every Category registered substantial growth except Lubricants and Energy ”says the report.

“The hoardings of advertising agencies such as the ooh ad, the marketing agency hoardings act as a media advertiser for the public. Sometimes outdoor advertising works better for the ad agencies for advertising companies through hoardings and billboards. These are some of the best ways of advertising such big agencies like the ooh advertising. Corporate advertising is different from that of brand advertising as here the focus is on the company rather than the product or the brand. The ad company gets publicity through outdoor media in the form of hoardings, out of home advertising etc. On a vast scale, global advertising expands the batch of media agencies with the help of outdoor media advertising such as billboards, posters, banners etc. Some of the top advertising agencies include the corporate ads.” says Mr. Sanjeev Gupta.

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