Print in India defies global ADEX trends

As usual Print in India surprises global Print barons and defies global ADEX trends. Print is substantially helped in its growth journey by the fact that a lot of SMBs use Print as their only Advertising medium and most Print titles, specially Regional Print get more than 50% of their Advertising revenue from such Advertisers, which are also growing in numbers.

“Print has been estimated as 4% of Global ADEX by Whilst globally WARC, and Print in India reigned with a 21% share. Print ADEX grew last year by 11% to reach a value of Rs. 18,470 crores, almost equalling its pre-covid figure of Rs. 20,045 crores. Whilst in most countries Print is degrowing in absolute terms, not just in share terms, it is credible that in India it is in fact growing and grew last year at a higher rate than TV’s 9% growth. Also H2 performed well for Print and 58% of its ADEX came from H2 vs only 46% in pre-Covid year 2019. Education de-grew marginally, it emerged as the largest category in Print overtaking FMCG, which degrew by as much as 8%. Two other large categories, Clothing, Fashion and Jewellery, and Household Durables grew substantially by over 50%. There is also a recognition among large Advertisers, even from FMCG and definitely HH Durables and 4 and 2 wheelers, that Print is irreplaceable for announcements of New Launches and promotions. Although the recently released ABC circulation numbers show that for most publications, circulation has not reached the Pre Pandemic levels, this fact does not seem to have daunted advertisers from using print any less, since both Volume and Value have gone up by 15% and 11% respectively.” says the report.

“Print in India has been increasing and surprising the global print Barons as print is being used for several years and for various purposes. Print is the main source of advertising. It is used on a large scale globally as well as in India, in the form of billboards, newspapers, hoardings etc. Marketing agencies, Corporate agencies, media agency all of them use print for advertising products, companies, brands so that there is enough publicity and awareness amongst the people. Although with more companies and other agencies taking their marketing efforts online, the old has become new again as print media becomes the new trend. The graph keeps inclining and declining on the basis of the ongoing trend. says Mr. Sanjeev Gupta.

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Digital ADEX has grown by 35% in 2022

Over the last two years, Digital has doubled in size from Rs. 16,974 crores to Rs. 34,405 crores in 2022. With this growth, its share has further risen to 38% and it has overtaken TV to become the largest medium in Indian ADEX.

In spite of all this growth, we must note that Digital ADEX in India trails behind Global ADEX. Digital share in Global ADEX is 68%. A 10-year review shows that Digital has grown from a mere Rs. 3,050 crores, with a 9% share to Rs. 34,405 crores with a 38% share today. Over these 10 years, in all the years it has grown by around 30% or more, each year, except in Covid year 2020, when it grew by only 10%.

“The reason for Digital’s growth is clearly its now massive reach across the spectrum, with it overtaking TV Reach in some States. Advertisers realise that without Digital they will not reach some key consumers. The second reason is our ability to target much more meaningfully on Digital than conventional demographics into psychographics, contextual targeting, retargeting, hyperlocal targeting, etc., and has opened up the exciting opportunity to do scaled communication in a customised manner. The third reason is our ability in some way or form to track some response to advertising across the marketing funnel.” the report says.

“Digital’s power comes from its versatility, it has a key role to play across the entire marketing. Digital marketing is growing because of the advertising agency that has the best brand advertising. When we talk about media agencies we have top ad agency websites along with the companies. As written in the above paragraphs Digital growth is massive and it has reached across the spectrum with overtaking TV reach in states. That’s also what we can say because of digital marketing and the hoardings and various sites which advertise and make people aware. The ooh ad agency is considered to be one of the best ad agencies, it is also a top creative agency which not only provides outdoor media services but also online advertising. Though ooh media agency provides best ooh media advertising.” says Mr. Sanjeev Gupta.

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Pitch Madison Report 2023 AdEX Projections Come True

Despite surprises like 2020-Covid Wave-I, the 2021-Covid Wave-II, the 2022 Covid Wave-III and the Russia-Ukraine, Indian AdEx grew by 21 percent when the prediction was that it would grow by 20 percent

Sanjeev Gupta, MD, Global Advertisers, agrees with experts who say that we have truly entered the VUCA world. VUCA stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, and is used as a phrase to describe the nature of the world in which we operate in present times. Despite all the set-backs in the World, India’s GDP grew at 6.8%, and that is the good news. Here is what we learned in the report. Despite a subdued November and December, there were 9 reasonably good months in the year.

“There are now quite a few family driven businesses who have experienced good growth in the last 5 years and have developed the ambition to break into the big league, having substantially increased their advertising budgets. India’s ADEX has grown by 33 % over the last 3 years, when global ADEX grew by 35%, but last year it grew by only 8% versus 21% in India. In absolute terms, ADEX has added Rs. 15,572 crores last year, growing from Rs. 74,231 crore to Rs. 89,803 crore which is the second highest gain of the last two decades,” the report says.

“The new picture that emerges from the report helps us as a business. As a media advertising agency in the business of the ooh ad, Global is an advertising agency that has made a name for itself as an ad agency with a difference. Our figures reveal a healthy picture as we consider extending our offerings to areas like website branding and advertising agency brand advertising agency. We have achieved this goal by erasing the difference between being one among various site hoarding billboard companies and an online ad agency serving some of the best advertising websites with their outdoor advertising boards and outdoor billboard signs of hoarding, which makes us the best media advertising company among our peers in the market,” says Mr. Sanjeev Gupta.

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