Mr. Yogesh Lakhani and Bright Outdoor Advertising

Bright Outdoor Advertising is one of the biggest outdoor advertising agencies in India. Founded in 1980, the agency has over 1,000 hoardings in Mumbai alone. The chairman and managing director of the company is Mr. Yogesh Lakhani, an actor and producer turned business owner. Bright originally started with just one hoarding in Malad, but soon rose to fame as one of the forerunners of the out of home advertising industry in the country. Ooh advertising brands are very common, but even in such a competitive world, Mr. Lakhani’s tactical innovation in products and strategic locations makes ensures that Bright is a cut above the rest, with some of best advertising amongst the multitude of ad agencies.

Sanjeev Gupta, CMD, Global Advertisers, has always said that the founder of Bright is a worthy competitor from whom he has learned much. Hard work, dedication, and sincerity define Mr. Lakhani and Bright as an advertising agency. Bright boasts a profound understanding of brand advertising along with market leading technology and a deep know-how of the customers of every advertising agency. They have nearly 40 years of experience and are still rapidly growing to this day, aiming to reach every corner of the world with their outdoor advertising.

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