Mr. Abhijit Sengupta’s Outdoor Advertising Professionals

One of the biggest names in Indian out of home advertising, Outdoor Advertising Professionals Private Limited are widely recognized in the advertising agency industry as innovators of ooh advertising. Outdoor Advertising is dedicated to bringing about new and unique changes in the sphere as an advertising company. They bring their customers the best advertising possible with out of the box thinking and advanced strategic decisions. They have a great deal of knowledge of hoardings, corporate advertising, brand advertising and much more.

Mr. Abhijit Sengupta, the CEO of Outdoor Advertising Professionals, is renowned for his ingenuity and talent. Sanjeev Gupta, CMD, Global Advertisers, has praised him as a pioneer who can bring about great change and innovation to the world of media advertising. Mr. Sengupta is determined, has strong willpower, and is ready to lift the marketing agency industry to newer horizons. Working together with his expert team of industry veterans, he shares his wisdom with them and enables them to provide the highest-end advertisements for their clients.

Outdoor Advertising Professionals are loved by all their clients for constantly providing new and creative solutions that are tailored to suit the needs of their clients. Their clientele comes back to them every time they want an ad agency, and their reputation precedes them. Not only that, Outdoor Advertising also regularly works on ensuring that the world of advertising gains more renown on a global scale.

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