How the Indian Outdoor Advertising Association works tirelessly

The Indian Outdoor Advertising Association is a nonprofit company that was born to protect and regulate the rights and interests of out of home advertising agencies in India. The IOAA, as it is usually called, includes more than 80% of top ooh media owners as its members. They are a group that aims to exponentially heighten the renown and progress of the ad agency world in India. They wish to improve all facets of OOH advertising and vow to make sure all their members are known globally as effective, efficient, innovative, and professional.

The IOAA represents the Indian media advertising industry to the Central Government of India as well as individual state governments. They collaborate with foreign organizations in the industry to make sure that they can bring the best technology and equipment to their members. Incepted in 2007, the IOAA has advanced the marketing agency industry by leaps and bounds. They are an organization that is incredibly necessary to ensure the further growth and evolution of the Indian advertising company world, as well as to protect the rights of its members.

Mr. Sunil Vasudeva is the director of the IOAA. He is a man who is dedicated to furthering the Indian ooh advertising world on a global scale. Sanjeev Gupta, CMD, Global Advertisers, has called him an innovator and a champion of the rights of the industry. Mr. Vasudeva is constantly doing his best to make sure that the interests of the entire industry as well as every member of it are protected, and that the world over can recognize its efficiency and prowess.

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