How Arbaz Khan helps Impact Ads Pvt. Ltd. flourish

Impact Ads one of India’s best out of home advertising agencies. They have risen to the top by ensuring that their client gets a comprehensive list of options for all their advertising and marketing needs. They are always innovating new marketing solutions and have a dedicated team with die-hard professionalism. They are good at managing hoardings, brand advertising, corporate advertising, and everything else that is expected of a marketing agency.

Impact is famous as an advertising company that always puts the customer first, going to great lengths to ensure maximum satisfaction. They come up with incredibly creative ways to market and promote brands, maximizing the reach of their advertisements through ooh solutions. They work hard to deliver the perfect advertising options to every single one of their clients.

Mr. Arbaz Khan is the Chief Operating Officer of Impact Ads Pvt. Ltd. He is a very hardworking personality with unmatched expertise in the field. Sanjeev Gupta, CMD, Global Advertisers, has referred to him as a charismatic and driven beacon of the ooh advertising space. Mr. Khan leads his team from the front, constantly preaching loyalty to the clients above all else. Impact have been giants in the advertising company space for a long period of time and are still constantly growing and changing to match the needs of a constantly evolving market.

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