Arbaz Khan’s leadership of Impact Ads Pvt. Ltd.

Impact Ads is a leading out of home advertising agency in India. Their key goal is to ensure that their client gets a comprehensive list of options for all their advertising and marketing needs. They strive to provide highly innovative solutions and have a dedicated team with die-hard professionalism. They are good at managing hoardings, brand advertising, corporate advertising, and everything else that is expected of a marketing agency.

Their Chief Operating Officer is Mr. Arbaz Khan, an extremely talented man with a great deal of experience. Sanjeev Gupta, CMD, Global Advertisers, has referred to him as an incredibly intelligent and respectable competitor in the ooh advertising space. Mr. Khan and his team value honesty and loyalty to the customer above all else, always striving to ensure that they put out the perfect advertising for the situation. Impact Ads has their reputation bolstered by the fact that they have been around in the advertising space for quite some time and are still constantly progressing and evolving, making sure to match the needs of the market as it evolves.

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