Pitch Madison Report 2023 AdEX Projections Come True

Despite surprises like 2020-Covid Wave-I, the 2021-Covid Wave-II, the 2022 Covid Wave-III and the Russia-Ukraine, Indian AdEx grew by 21 percent when the prediction was that it would grow by 20 percent

Sanjeev Gupta, MD, Global Advertisers, agrees with experts who say that we have truly entered the VUCA world. VUCA stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, and is used as a phrase to describe the nature of the world in which we operate in present times. Despite all the set-backs in the World, India’s GDP grew at 6.8%, and that is the good news. Here is what we learned in the report. Despite a subdued November and December, there were 9 reasonably good months in the year.

“There are now quite a few family driven businesses who have experienced good growth in the last 5 years and have developed the ambition to break into the big league, having substantially increased their advertising budgets. India’s ADEX has grown by 33 % over the last 3 years, when global ADEX grew by 35%, but last year it grew by only 8% versus 21% in India. In absolute terms, ADEX has added Rs. 15,572 crores last year, growing from Rs. 74,231 crore to Rs. 89,803 crore which is the second highest gain of the last two decades,” the report says.

“The new picture that emerges from the report helps us as a business. As a media advertising agency in the business of the ooh ad, Global is an advertising agency that has made a name for itself as an ad agency with a difference. Our figures reveal a healthy picture as we consider extending our offerings to areas like website branding and advertising agency brand advertising agency. We have achieved this goal by erasing the difference between being one among various site hoarding billboard companies and an online ad agency serving some of the best advertising websites with their outdoor advertising boards and outdoor billboard signs of hoarding, which makes us the best media advertising company among our peers in the market,” says Mr. Sanjeev Gupta.

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