We continue to learn from Yogesh Lakhani

Sanjeev Gupta, CMD, Global Advertisers, has always said that the founder of Bright is a worthy competitor from whom he has learned much

If you are looking for the best brand advertising in Mumbai, look no further. Global Advertising is a company or advertising agency with the best OOH business that has integrated various services offered by online ad companies, which makes it the favourite choice among popular ad agencies in town. When it comes to creative ooh advertising or out of home media advertising, Global headed by Mr. Sanjeev Gupta is a name that has long been taken along with Bright headed by Shri Yogesh Lakhnani. However, while most creative out of home advertising or ooh media advertising properties like hoardings and billboards owned by Bright cover more spots, all the nerve centers in the city outdoor advertising signs or out of home ads business are owned by Global Advertisers. This ’boutique approach’ taken by Global is informed by strategies followed by the best media agencies in the world. As a marketing agency or company that stands tall among outdoor billboard companies that complements online advertising, Global is a firm with best business advertising online as well thanks to its attempts to be identified as a creative agency or top ad agency that is as updated with what appears on their clients’ websites as they are with competitors like online advertising companies.

Of all the competitors, Mr. Sanjeev Gupta says that many of his lessons in the art of using outdoors came from observing Mr. Yogesh Lakhani, the CMD of Bright Outdoor Media Pvt.Ltd who started early and started small before becoming one of the most respected outdoor advertisers in Mumbai. Mr. Lakhani said in an interview given to exhibitionshowcase.com said, “My journey stretches from the day after I completed giving my SSC exams and had started working as a mere slide delivery boy in Mumbai. In the very early days of my career I did all kinds of jobs in Banner fixing, Cinema slides, Railway Boards, etc. I spent many sleepless nights to do the work of installing boards at various railway stations of Mumbai. In 1990, I took up a small table space with just one office staff. Things started developing rapidly. We acquired the monopoly of all the hoarding sites at the railway stations of one of the prime suburbs of Mumbai. By 1995, we developed around 200 hoarding sites, ventured into the road sites and took a large office space at Borivali thereby kick starting the real journey of what today is known as Bright Outdoor Media Pvt. Ltd. (previously known as Bright Advertising Agency). Gradually, we cultivated a professional team of 25 members who has always stood by us and has helped us in making Bright the brand it is known for today. Bright has also expanded its operations to other cities of India like Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc.”

Click https://realtyquarter.com/outdoor-media-has-evolved-with-time-hence-it-has-a-very-bright-future-says-mr-sanjeev-gupta-managing-director-global-advertisers/ to read an interview of Sanjeev Gupta, CMD, Global Advertisers

Parrmm Lakhani makes waves with Occtagon Media Networks

Occtagon Media Networks and the art of giving Parrmm Sukh through OOH advertising

Parrmm Lakhani, Director, Occtagon Media Networks, heads not just an ooh media advertising business that goes beyond the traditional understanding of an advertising agency business and embraces the profile of New Age online ad companies but is today among the most popular ad agencies or creative ooh advertising teams in the out of home media advertising circuit.

Whether it is ooh media advertising or outdoor advertising signs or even out of home ads, Occtagon Media Networks, is a force to reckon with. Operating with a young and lean team, Parrmm has built in a very short span a player that stands among the top media agencies in Mumbai.
As a marketing agency company with its business rooted in a heritage that makes it a rather competitive outdoor billboard company, Parrmm Lakhani today complements what is one of the best online advertising companies runs around with the reflexes of an online advertising firm offering the best business advertising solutions. Occtagon’s website is the work of an innovator who runs an online creative agency to reckon with and stands tall despite its lightweight size among the very top ad agency websites offering media solutions in the Indian market.
This is what the Occtagon website says about him:

Parrmm Lakhani is an avid cricket fan, Parrmm is that captain extraordinaire who can inspire his team to win. He leads from the front and by example. A magnanimous person, he respects every individual and encourages everyone to think big. Because he believes that his company actually grows when his employees grow with it. Hard work and perseverance are his favourite buzzwords. But Parrmm isn’t all about work only. He lives by the ‘Work hard, party harder’ motto.