Deepa Gupta And The Art Of Out Of Home Advertising 

Following Deepa Gupta’s elevation to the post of VP, West, and South at MOMS Outdoor Media Solutions, all eyes have been on her next moves for some time now. Her new role carries with it several interesting. OOH being so much more than hoarding media includes BTL as well. Innovative outdoor advertising has always been a huge strength with Deepa Gupta who is expected to help lead the company’s business growth in the West & South regions of India. 

Deepa Gupta has a track record that precedes her stint at MOMS Outdoor Media. She is well known as a thorough professional with a decade-and-a-half track record of many campaigns that have gone beyond hoardings. As a marketing agency leader in the out of home advertising field, Deepa Gupta has helmed several corporate ads campaigns that have included ad hoarding innovation and married it to strategic offerings by online advertising companies. Overall, along with all the magic of a creative brand agency that specializes nevertheless as an ooh ad agency. Even her website best marketing ads mark her out as a superior advert company expert with a thorough understanding of digital billboard companies and the fine art of creating impactful outdoor business advertising signs through a great understanding of OOH as a weapon of mass promotion.

 According to a report carried by the M4G Bureau on May 10, 2022, “Deepa has over 15 years of experience behind her, leading the OOH requirements of cross-category clientele relations in Madison World. She is also listed in the e4m OOH 40 Under 40. Deepa has worked with major brands, including Asian Paints, Raymond, MX player, Bajaj group, Piramal Group, Pidilite, Sony, Lodha, Bluestar, TATA Telecom Services, Toyota, and Starbucks, to name a few.”