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To cover highways, market areas or the ever busy streets, use of Neon Signs & Kiosks proves a beneficial alternative. By using just right graphics, the overall appearance of the neon sign boards is enhanced at our end. We, Global Advertisers with our team’s expert skills in this platform, professional approach and strategic planning make sure the clients are delivered nothing but the best.

How does a Neon Sign & Kiosk Work?

Target users find it extremely easy to communicate with an outdoor kiosk. It is mostly because they are designed and crafted in easy-to-comprehend language or signs. Users can actually relate with the context. One of the best things about the neon kiosks is that they do not require much space. This makes it easy to place them at a variety of places such as an Entertainment complex, Theatre, Multiplex, Junction, Mall or simply at the dividers on highways. This way, it becomes easy to catch the attention of the target audience towards the brand and the message directly

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"Global Advertisers, quality outdoor media service provider is an extension of the popular Indian confectionary MM Mithaiwala based out of Mumbai. For inquiries, contact us at the address given below: "

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