DeviMaa Global Advertisers


Global Advertisers is your one-call resource for billboards in any market. We have the largest inventory at the lowest rates in every state and city thanks to our strategic partnerships with numerous companies owning advertising channels, which we in turn pass on to our valued clients.

Outdoor advertising - not just billboards
We go beyond billboards to offer options like bus media, mobile vans, trains, railway stations, bus shelters, gantries, flyover panels, glow signs, airport media, pole-kiosks and many more out-of-home products to our clients. Give us a call or drop us an email, and let us know your needs and goals and we'll get back to you with the most cost-effective way to meet your needs.


  • Targets desired consumers demographically and geographically
  • Creates and reinforces brand awareness in the marketplace
  • Builds high-frequency with continuous presence
  • Stimulates sales near point-of-purchase locations
  • Combines creative impact of a bulletin with the reach and frequency of a poster program


  • Customized programs can cover an entire market or pinpoint desired consumer target groups
  • Rotary programs are offered in most Global Advertisers outdoor markets

Contact Us

"Global Advertisers, quality outdoor media service provider is an extension of the popular Indian confectionary MM Mithaiwala based out of Mumbai. For inquiries, contact us at the address given below: "

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